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  • Author: RAWLINSONS
  • Publ Date: 1899-12-30
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  • Imprint: RAWLINSON
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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A MINI CD AND IS FOR PCs - PLEASE SEE SEPARATE LISTING FOR MAC CD * Building costs per square metre, Elemental costs * Cost Planning Rates, and Detailed Trade Rates *International costs * Cost indices Widely regarded as an indispensable tool for the building and property industries. The Handbook contains a comprehensive and well-researched database of construction cost information. It is applicable to both commercial and domestic construction, and is ideal for preparing 'ballpark' estimates, detailed cost plans, feasibility studies, variations and tenders. It contains over 400 pages of costing information, including building costs per square metre for a variety of building types, elemental analyses, comparative costs using various construction methods, and detailed rates for all trades. The Handbook also contains international costs, cost indices, labour and plant constants for many trades, wage and charge rate build-ups, information on construction management, Conditions of Contract, relevant legislation, tax depreciation tables, weights, measures and charts.


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