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  • Publ Date: 2014-12-14
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"Ken's mechanics were the best - better at what they did than I ever was at what I did. Mechanics were the only true professionals in motor racing; they were artists at their work." Sir Jackie Stewart talking about the Ken Tyrrell owned Formula One racing team in the late 1960Ęs after his first World Championship (1969) New Zealander Max Rutherford tells background stories from F1 and other series in the 1960's with personal insights to the great drivers and teams of the time: Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss, Denny Hulme, Frank Gardner. Max worked on building and preparing cars for all those drivers and was close friend to others like Frank Williams and Bruce McLaren. Formula One was dangerous yet exciting as motor racing entered the modern age and 'Gentleman Drivers' gave way to professionalism. "First-hand accounts of life with such as Brabham and Tyrell paint a vivid account of the period, but it's the tales of road trips between continental races - living on prize money and cooking meals on a small stove at the roadside - that give this its charm", Motorsport March 2015


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