Digital Fashion Illustration with Photoshop and Illustrator

Author: TALLON K


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  • ISBN: 9780713490589
  • Author: TALLON K
  • Publ Date: 1899-12-30
  • Height: 250
  • Width: 250
  • Spine: 15
  • Weight (gm): 748
  • Pages: 0
  • Illustrations: 300 illustrations
  • Imprint: BATSFORD
  • Publisher:


This is an essential book for the fashion world: the techniques for creating outstanding fashion illustration with the most popular software, Adobe Photoshop. It is used by a range of professionals, from graphic designers and 3-D animators to video editors and product and fashion illustrators. The book shows you how to create the stunning images that grace the fashion magazines, department stores and newspaper supplements. Master the techniques provided here to unleash true creativity.Kevin Tallon teaches his techniques at the world-famous Central St Martins College in London and has created a step-by-step technique book specifically for those interested in creating fashion illustrations: including mood boards, placement and repeat prints, fashion illustrations, garment sketches, logos and graphics, visualisation, presentation board and collection ranges. It follows on from his successful "Creative Fashion Design with Illustrator" but covers the world of creative fashion illustration rather than fashion design.The book not only provides instruction on the basics, but also plenty of material for those who are already familiar with the software but want to make more of it. With tips and tricks, specific fashion tasks and meaningful application, the book covers photocomposition; advanced layers; scanning, colouring and photo retouching; colouring flat drawings; advanced photocomposition; image adjustment; montages; filters and brush tools, and much more. Use Adobe Photoshop to make stunning fashion visuals. It is ideal for both students and practising illustrators. It covers the most popular software in use by fashion illustrators. It provides step-by-step technique information from the basics to advanced level.


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