Modern Trends In The Production Of Roofing Materials And Technologies For Their Installation

A few decades ago, it was difficult to find such a variety of roofs. Now the roofs of any buildings are full of many design options and materials with which they are covered. New construction technologies make it possible to erect buildings much faster and larger in area. Consequently, the development of the production of roofing materials is also moving forward.

Depending on the type of building, cost, or just personal desire, you can find a roof that suits all your requirements. It is especially pleasing that roofing materials for sale are offered not only by foreign but also by domestic manufacturers. The price of such a roof will be lower, and the quality is not worse than foreign counterparts.

It is easiest to qualify roofing and roofing materials for traditional and so-called exclusive ones.

Among traditional roofs, the most common ones are wooden, soft, translucent, folded, and slate. The exclusive ones include turf, reed, copper, tile, and shale.

Wooden roofing material is called a shingle. It is made from larch and oak. The material is split into plates with subsequent mechanical rework. These types of trees have a unique property: the tannins contained in them make the roof particularly resistant to external influences. Subject to the processing technology of the shindle, the wooden roof will last a very long time.

Soft roof technology is mainly used in mass housing and public construction. One of the inexpensive and easy to manufacture is a roll roofing material, including welded roofing materials.

Most often, they mean fiberglass, fiberglass, or polyester. A protective layer of coarse granulate, fine mica or sand chips are applied to the CoinJoin top layer of such material. Mica dressing for roofing materials is used in order to increase resistance to weathering. This is due to the property of mica to reflect sunlight.

Modern equipment for the production of rolled roofing materials allows increasing their mechanical strength and expanding the color range.

We should also talk about transparent roofing materials. Such roofs are most often made of cellular polycarbonate, profiled PVC, or fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Polycarbonate panels have several advantages. The operating temperature range of this material is from -40 to 100 ° C. It has a high light transmission, cold bendability, and impact resistance. Moreover, polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass and 8 times stronger than plexiglass. The ability to create both transparent panels and painted in various colors are used with pleasure by designers. A translucent roof is most often created for the possibility of designing overhead lighting. This is especially true when building shopping and entertainment complexes or hotels. Transparentroofing materials are widely used in garden areas. For example, for the construction of greenhouses or verandas.

Among the exclusive roofing materials, ceramic tiles are most often found. The tile roof looks neat and presentable. In addition, the tiles have a fairly long service life. If your choice fell on shingles, then there is a great possibility that the next generation will have to repair such a roof. A tiled roof can easily last 100-150 years. Therefore, it is used specifically for individual construction.

The most expensive is the slate roof. Slate is a piece of roofing material… Each separate plate breaks off from a block of rock – clay-slate. Its high cost is due to the fact that the extraction of natural slate occurs mainly by hand. This material is durable, strong, and environmentally friendly.

The cost of roofing materials is very different from the cost of imported counterparts. Until recently, manufacturers of roofing materials mainly focused on the construction of apartment buildings and non-residential buildings. Now the demand for materials used for individual construction has grown significantly, including expensive roofing materials. Mastering new technologies and improving old ones allows opening new factories for the production of roofing materials.

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