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In the dark early days of WWII, Nazi Germany's military stunned the world with its blitzkrieg, quickly overtaking Europe. A very large part of their success was the German air force, the Luftwaffe. Their aircraft, superior in number and design to the Allies, controlled the skies, raining death and destruction from Poland to Great Britain. The Royal Air Force had to take to the skies and do battle with the Luftwaffe, until America entered the war, and were badly overmatched by the Nazi's Luftwaffe. This two DVD collection of documentaries from WWII takes you inside the air war in Europe. From the first B-17 missions over Germany to the final achievement of Allied air superiority over the Luftwaffe, these gripping films tell the story of the men and the machines that made victory in the sky possible. Disc 1. Target For Today The Fight For The Sky Disc 2. The Exploits Of The 351st Mission Accomplished A Day With The A-36s Wings For This Man The Bombing Of Germany


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